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 Girl Scout Aviation Badge Day

A large print of this photo is currently hanging in the lounge at Illinois Aviation Academy at DuPage Airport.  Please help us identify the people in this picture taken in 2005.  If you know who they are, please go to the CONTACT US page and send us a brief note.  Add any additional comments there.  People are numbered, below:

Standing, left to right:
1.  Gail Lapook                                     10. Donna Klein
2.  Deanna Close                                  11. Elizabeth Hitchcock
3.  Kristy Brooke                                    12. Caelie Skalniak
4.                                                           13. Karen Ballard
5.  Mary Pancyzsyzn                             14. Carole Hickman
6.                                                           15. Ruth Frantz
7.  Victoria Szewczyk                            16. Marjorie Andersen
8.  Cynthia Madsen                               17. Wayne Klein
9.  Jennifer Biedron                               18. Arthur Andersen

Kneeling, left to right:
1.  Robert S Werderich 
3.  Diane Cozzi
4.  Deb Kirschner
5.  Sharon Schorsch

An article by Diane Cozzi appeared in the 99 News in 2005 and included this photo.  It identifies some of the participants by name and activity.  Can you help match them up to the photo? Click link to see article:  99 News article

We're making progress!  Only three left to identify!

Girl Scout event scheduled for DuPage Airport on May 9, 2015 was CANCELLED.  Contact Chairman Ellen O'Hara for further information.

The previous successful Aviation Badge Day for Girl Scouts was held on May 3, 2014, at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois.  The Aviation Badge is earned by Junior Scouts in fourth and fifth grades and Cadettes in middle school.  Older Scouts were also encouraged to join us for the day.

Ellen O'Hara was chairman of the event, sponsored by the Chicago Area Chapter of the 99s

Look below to see some great pictures and all the fun they had! 

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